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Admissions Statement Springfield KS4 Pupil Referral Unit

Springfield KS4 Pupil Referral Unit is an Alternative Provision. Parents cannot choose Springfield PRU for their child. Springfield PRU only admits pupils in the following scenarios:

  1. When a pupil living in the Wakefield Local Authority Area has been permanently excluded by their mainstream school, Springfield will provide a place for that pupil from day 6 of their exclusion.
  2. Wakefield’s Inclusion Panel can allocate pupils (on a temporary basis only) to Springfield, in ‘Turnaround’ placements. Placements are usually 12 weeks long, with the pupil being dual registered at both Springfield and their mainstream school. Parents need to give consent for their child to be admitted to Springfield for Turnaround. The mainstream school retains overall responsibility for the pupil. Extensions to placements can only be agreed via Wakefield’s Inclusion Panel.

Places at Springfield are viewed as temporary in all scenarios, as permanently excluded pupils will be assessed for reintegration into mainstream at the earliest opportunity.