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Mobile Phone Charter

Mobile Phone Charter


Mobile phones & personal devices are now a feature of modern society and most of our students own one. Increasing sophistication of mobile phones present a number of issues for schools:

  • the high value of many phones / devices

  • the integration of cameras into phones leading to potential child protection and data protection issues

  • the potential to use the phone (e.g. for messaging) whilst on silent mode.

This charter sets out how mobile devices are to be used in the Centre. The Mobile Phone Charter was devised by students and staff.  The use of mobile phones and personal devices is a privilege but these rules apply to all. At all times, staff and students must treat one another fairly and with respect.

It is not realistic to prohibit phones being brought to the Centre, nor is it logistically possible for the Centre to collect phones in each morning and return them in the afternoon. It is our policy to allow mobile phones in the Centre under the conditions outlined in the charter. 

The charter

  1. Mobile phones / iPods must not be used for any purpose (e.g. phone, texting, listening to music, surfing the internet, taking photos, checking the time, taking videos) during any lesson. **

  2. Mobile phones and personal devices are not to be used for taking photographs, recordings or videos of students or staff. Breaching this could mean that you are breaking the law. If you are caught, the sanction will reflect the seriousness of the incident. This will also result in the device being confiscated and the deletion of the material.

  3. Mobile phones / iPods can be used by students before 8.30am, at break time, lunchtime and after the Centre day. At these permitted times, phones can only be used in the dining room, social area, or the outside spaces. They must not be used at any other time (e.g. between lesson changeovers) and are not to be used on the corridors.

  4. Devices can be used for listening to music at the permitted times and in the permitted places through headphones only.

  5. Mobile phones must always be switched off / on silent during lesson time and kept out of view, preferably in your bag. Earphones for any personal device must always be out of view during lesson time and outside of permitted areas or they will be confiscated. This includes earphones that are dangling out of shirts / pockets etc. even if not in use.

  6. Mobile phones / iPods must not be taken into examinations.

  7. Permission to have a mobile phone / iPod in the Centre will only be allowed under the terms of this charter. By bringing such a device into the Centre, the student and parent automatically agree to the terms of this charter. Any student or parent who does not wish to be bound by the terms of this policy is not permitted to bring their device onto the Centre premises and must not do so.

  8. Devices are not to be charged in the Centre by staff or students in any public or learning area.

  9. all personal devices are brought in to the academy at the owner’s risk. The Centre accepts no responsibility for replacing lost, stolen or damaged mobile phones / iPods

** The use of phones/iPods may be sanctioned in lessons if explicitly instructed by the member of staff for learning purposes. Staff should not use their phones in lessons for purposes other than education.

Safes in tutor rooms are an option to store phones, this should enable staff to monitor the use of phones during breaks etc.



If students fail to follow the above charter then staff will follow the staged response set out below:

Stage 1

Students who are caught actively and deliberately using their phones without permission (or against the terms of this charter) must hand their phones over when requested. They will be able to collect their phone at the end of the Centre day 

Stage 2

Students who repeatedly refuse to follow the charter above (or use their device in a way that seriously infringes the terms of the charter) will have their phones confiscated and be dealt with according to the Centre’s behaviour and rewards policy and parents will be contacted to come into the Centre to resolve the issue

Stage 3

Repeat offenders will be banned from having their mobile phone / device in the Centre, if caught with it they will face serious disciplinary action and dealt with according to the center’s behaviour and rewards policy