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The AQA Biology course aims to help you become confident in an increasingly self and  planet aware world. It will help you develop an informed interest in matters of scientific  importance through the development of relevant knowledge and skills, useful not only in the  application of Biology, but in many other subjects as well. The content is taught using real life examples of biology in action and the emphasis of the course is to demonstrate its  relevance to everyday life. 

The Biology separate science consists of the core of the Biology content of The GCSE  Trilogy Award and some additional topics which are of the same standard as the topics  covered in the GCSE Trilogy Award. 

A detailed breakdown of the content is listed below.  

Biology Separate Science and Trilogy Award Topics  

Cell Biology 


Infection and response 


Homeostasis and response 

Inheritance and evolution 


Throughout the course there is a strong emphasis on practical work. This leads to a real sense  of achievement and helps understanding of the subject. Practical skills are assessed formally  as part of the written examinations. 


Use of Course and Qualification    

Biology leads to a wide range of courses and careers with students regularly going on to  study Biology and related courses e.g. Biochemistry, Zoology, Marine Ecology, Equine  Science, Psychology, Dentistry, Medicine, Veterinary Science, Optometry, Physiotherapy and  other science and non-science degrees. Taking Biology complements well the study of other  Science subjects as similar skills are developed and reinforced. The communication, numeracy, application and problem solving skills you develop stand you in good stead as a  preparation for all courses at university.